Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dipping My Toes Back in the Pool, so to speak...

Wow, this should be a trick!  How in the world do I start again, what should I focus on as I write, will I have time to finish this post?  It's been over 3 months since the last post...*deep breath*.  Ready, set, go!

Let's see... Baby boy "L" was born June 3, and today was my first time (and his) down in the arts and crafts room since then (aside from some very quick, very utilitarian mending that HAD to be done.)   Scary shame and I'm in serious withdrawl.  I've been bad at carving out time for me, ALONE with me, and nobody else.  BUT, I've been a much better second-time mom through these first 3 months and I've hopefully made a fun summer for big brother O.  So maybe it's an okay trade-off?  I'm not sure yet. 

I could go on and on about motherhood, parenthood, infancy and related topics forEVER.  I won't.  I'll simply say it's been a blissful 3 months, much more wonderful than I had hoped for (but still sprinkled with the drudgery that accompanies caring for a newborn.  You can't escape that.)  More than once I've joked with friends that I wish there was a Facebook for parents only, as most of my current humor revolves around a cockeyed, sleep deprived view of the world where bodily functions are acceptable topics of discussion and where my blog would host a counter for the number of days since I last washed my hair instead of a counter for how many hits my site has had!  It's truly a perspective only other parents can completely appreciate (without being grossed out.)  I know it's a bold statement that someone without children might take offense to, but I hope they don't.  Here's why - I've never run a marathon, so there's no way I could fully understand what that means or appreciate all that it takes, even though I'd like to think I could.  Yes, I am drawing a parallel between running a marathon and parenthood.  Doing an Ironman might be a better comparison...

Well, it's taken me 6 hours to type this small amount so I better call it quits for today.  Maybe by tomorrow I'll have a photo of the colorful flannels with fun prints that I bought at rock bottom prices for making baby gifts.  Here's a pic of a past project, personalized burp cloths for baby "A".  I have many friends bringing new babes into the world the next couple of months, so it's time to welcome them to the world, by sharing a bit of mine! 

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