Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ta-da...Nursery Progress

This is going to be mostly a pictorial blog entry since I've only got 2 full days left before heading to the hospital to have Big Baby Boy #2 (and lots of loose ends to tie up before we go.)  Time flies!  The nursery isn't ready, but it's getting close.  Which is fine, since our 1st baby didn't spend a lot of time in his crib or his room for the first 6 weeks or so anyway! 

Here is the "project complete" list - I've sewn the crib skirt, recovered generic cream bumper pads from IKEA, recovered the glider rocking chair cushions with a vintage blue bedspread, and saved enough of said spread to use as the backing for a quilt.  I have never made a quilt before mind you, but my pregnant brain thought this would be a fun time to try.  It was fun, but don't look too closely.  I took lots of liberties hat would probably make a proper quilter's blood boil, but in the end I'm very happy with how it turned out!  I also completed the "You are my Sunshine" wall hanging using an old screen I scavenged last summer and have been anxious to use, some raffia ric rack that I love, part of my button collection, and some scrap fabric.  Finally, the collection of thrifted embroidery hoops has been filled with pieces of fabric from the nursery project and hung over the crib.  Love it - they look like giant, vintage polka dots!!

The " project not-so-complete-yet" list includes adding ties to the tops of the bumper pads (there is only a lower set,) sewing buttons at the corners of the glider foot stool to hold the cover in place (it was expertly gathered and pinned by my good friend Jen months ago,) embellishing the plain linen fabric in the largest embroidery hoop (maybe with baby's initial once we settle on a name,)  and a host of other little details I'd like to do but aren't essential.

It's been a really fun project and I can certainly take it farther after babe is born if I can find the time, but for now I'm pleased with the outcome.  Enjoy the pics!!


Rag quilt front

Rag quilt back

I have no idea why this one keeps rotating, sorry!

Close up of wall hanging


Anonymous said...

Looks GREAT Joy!!!!! I'll be thinking of you and praying for a healthy surgery and healthy baby boy and healthy mom!!!! :)

Mike McD. said...

Hi! I'm Joy's Dad, and I can remember the day SHE was born as if it was yesterday. May 7th of that year was the first truly warm day, after a cool spring like this one. I've loved her for all these years because she is a truly unique person. To spare her some embarassment, I won't go into too many details ,but just imagine an 18 mnonth old girl, bald as a cue-ball, with striking blue eyes, sitting in the kiddy chair of a shopping cart, and chatting with all the other shoppers! Yes, Joy both walked and talked before her first birthday! Some say that not much has changed, but I think she's even more intelligent now.

I'll stop now, but you can see that such a special person is destined to have a special life and wonderful children. ILY, Joy, and your family too!