Thursday, December 1, 2011

Project Pics

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I'm going to give it a try!  Life isn't allowing me much time to blog, so I'll post some pics of what I've been making.

Also, check out the new blogs I added to my Awesome Blog List on the sidebar; I am mama hear me roar and MADE.  Cool and inspirational!

Finally, I've been part of a crafty, creative, monthly meeting organized by Trace of Making Schtuff.  It's helped me to stay connected to this part of me through the busy first months of life with an infant (and a preschooler, and two dogs, and the get the picture.)  It's also been just plain fun to swap ideas and dreams with other like minded souls.  Thanks, Trace.  Muah! 

To all of you: are there some like minded souls in your life you could pull together to muse on a set topic you all share an affinity for?  Food for thought, as it really is quite fulfilling to share excitement, observances, set-backs and the corresponding support, inspiration, and enthusiasm that surround a shared affinity for something special. 

My best to you ~J.

Upcycled Cashmere Baby Hat for Carter

Upcycled Wool Longies and Cashmere Baby Hat for Adrian
Rustic Thanksgiving Banner for Lynne (our gracious hostess)

Flower Pom (added after the first photo)

Close-up of the Banner.  Burnt Umber Paint on Burlap - Simple!

Fabrics for Baby Emma's Quilt

Baby Quilt for O's PreK Teacher in Progress (forgot to get finished pic, sniff.)

Fun Fabrics for the Next Quilt

More Fun Flannels and Minky

Betty Boop Baby Blanket, Anyone?!

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