Tuesday, April 6, 2010

After a fun-filled long weekend with family, I'm catching up at home and enjoying some quiet pleasures.  Having been so extroverted my whole life, always gathering my energy from activity and other people, it's delicious to also enjoy quiet and calm in recent years.  I'm hoping it's a sign that I'm gaining the balance in life I eternally seek.

While indulging in a little quiet and savoring the March UK edition of Elle Decoration magazine last night (thanks to my sister) I came across a fun series of books, the Self-Sufficiency Series from New Holland Publishers.  These little guides to Beekeeping, Cheese Making, Preserving/Canning, Home Brewing, Soap Making, Household Cleaning (green cleaning) not only piqued my interest, they reminded me of friends and family who are already doing these things, or have done these things.  Pretty cool, these unique and extraordinary people in my life.  I also think these little books would make wonderful gifts for the eternally curious, adventurous people in our lives.

Another exciting discovery this weekend was the first bloom of spring in our yard!  A lone crocus wished us Happy Easter and sparked the fire to get outside and uncover the rest of the sleeping beauties awakening under layers of mulch and leftover leaves from last fall. 
Share with us - what discoveries have you made in your precious life the past few weeks?

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