Monday, March 22, 2010


As most of us who live in the northern hemisphere do at this time of year, I'm craving sunlight and lots of it.  I want it streaming in my windows and screaming, "BRIGHT" at me!!  I'm also craving white decor, green plants, and touches of dark wood.  I'd have a long way to go before our home fell in line with my cravings, but it's fun to dream. 

Maybe it's the spring cleaning I did before ECFE class (Early Childhood Family Education) this morning that has me thinking about bright, white, airy surroundings.  Perhaps it's because I've never lived anywhere where white was intentional; I always go for the paint!  Perhaps it's because I'm craving something new in just about every area of life and why should my decorating/design tastes be exempt?  Share with us, what are your cravings this breezy Monday?

Here are a few pics displaying just the type of thing I'm thinking about.  Enjoy your thoughts today, friends. 
From Pine Cone Hill's gorgeous Neutral Territory collection...

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