Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

I have the good fortune of a true day off every other Wednesday.  I don't work and our son O goes to preschool (daycare actually, but he's in the preschool room so that's what it's called.)  Today is that wonderful Wednesday of which I speak.  Usually I quarrel with myself about what to pack into the day.  I should exercise, get groceries, run errands, craft, start a big sewing project, reconnect with a friend, organize something, and the list goes on. 

Today I awoke knowing how I'd fill my day.  About a year ago I started changing the main bathroom decor with the seasons (an idea that came from my good friend Mandy.)  You see, I absolutely love to reinvent a space and see fresh, new change in my home.  The bathroom is a small enough space that with neutral walls and tile, I can change the other elements, like artwork, towels and accent pieces, to give the room a whole new feel.  As most of you are, I am ready for SPRING so it's time to oust the baby blue accents and black & white photos of our family playing in the snow in favor of something more cheerful.  After that, I may sew a couple more pillows for our couch as part of my larger living room redecorating project.  (BTW, I got my third and final slip cover on the couch last night.  I picked it up at Target for a steal since it was repackaged.  I shrunk the first slip cover I'd gotten, so it's now on the loveseat and the loveseat slip cover is on the chair.  It all worked out beautifully!)  So share with us - what are you doing to welcome spring?

To close, I'm posting a picture of the belt I worked on embellishing last night.  I used an idea for frayed circles from the book Fabricate by Susan Wasinger and some of my beloved button collection.  It's a work in process but I suspect it will end up on my newly created Etsy shop,  Perhaps as the first item! 

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