Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Dirty Truth

As I sit here contemplating how to use the precious moments of remaining naptime doing things like organizing our taxes, wiping muddy paw prints from the patio door, or putting away the contents of my purse which are strewn across the counter from this morning's freak-fest of, "where is my credit card?!," I decide to sit down and blog.  What?!  Is blogging another wonderful distraction in my life from all of the mundane day-to-day tasks that clamor for my attention?  Yep! 
So here it is, the dirty truth...photos which are not artsy or touched up, just quicky snapshots of my dirty truths.  First, I've had waaaay too many craft projects going on my poor overworked coffee table for the past 3 days (miraculously neither dog nor three year old nor fed-up husband has disturbed them.) 

I've also had the bag of buttons I scoured from the local thrift shop on Sunday "sorted" on the floor of the arts and crafts room for almost 3 days (not so miraculously, these have been disturbed by dog, dog, and three year old.)  My guess is that something in one of these pictures gets my immediate attention.  What better way to spend those last remaining moments of silence, truly?  

So here is the question of the day - when you have a precious pocket of time to yourself in the house, do you tackle those less-than-fun daily tasks first to clear your minds (and your lists) of them, or do you jump with both feet first into the things you love, feeling the stare of the less-than-fun tasks from across the room?

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sarah said...

Great question! Today I will jump with both feet first into my tub and continue to chip away at the cracked grout which needs to be removed before I can re-grout. This will be Day #3 of my attempt to finish the task. Yesterday I was feeling the stares of the things I love to do - like shopping at Surdyks for cheese & wine - and I didn't get a chance to get back into the tub. Thanks to your Blog, maybe tonight I will finish! :-)