Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring has sprung (in our house, at least!)

I'm off to the "real job" today, but wanted to quickly share the spring decorating I accomplished yesterday.  Here are the before and after shots.  I hope this gives you inspiration to brighten up a tiny corner of your home today!




Tracey said...

What a fabulous idea! Now that I think about it...when we moved into our house it was the end of summer, and I was so excited for fall. I see now that the fall of '05 has been in full force for quite some time now! I have a paper birch log with brown ribbon around it, sage green walls, one of those grape-viney wreaths with fall colored beads on it from Michaels, etc. So now, I'm going to follow in you and Mandy's footsteps, and switch it up for the seasons! Sping-biffy, here we come! ;)

Aaryn said...

Looks great!