Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ready or not, here I come!

Pinterest is just the sort of site for me.  I keep paper inspiration journals with all sorts of ideas gleaned from magazines, binders full of clipped recipes, and notes on my phone of the various websites I want to visit or apps I want to check out.  But the truth is, Pinterest seems taboo and I have purposely stayed as far away as possible.  Oh, I've peeked at it a time or two and almost felt guilty or naughty doing so.  It's the sort of thing I could loose myself in and spend more time finding and pinning ideas than actually executing (making, baking, sewing, trying) those ideas!  But the time has come my friends - time to embrace Pinterest and practice some self-discipline when it comes time to set aside technology and get my hands dirty with a project.  So here I go - with whatever nap time is left, I am off to create some boards on Pinterest.  Wish me luck!  Maybe I'll see you around as I'm looking for fun stuff to pin.  ~J.
P.S.  If you haven't checked out Houzz, you should.  They have a website and an iPhone app.  Addictive!  I've had an ideabook going in Houzz for a while...maybe that's why I have courage to step into the land of Pinterest!  So many great ideas, so little time...

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