Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mid-week Musings

Each day I think of writing a post, much like you think of a friend you haven't talked to in a long while, with the best intentions.  But before you know it - the day has passed and you've been swept away in its activities without reaching out.  Then I think, oh well...I guess I must be too busy living life to write about it.  What a wonderful problem to have!

We continue to make progress on the room shuffle in progress at our house, along with all of the organizational efforts surrounding it.  I spent part of Saturday making labels for all of Owen's newly purchased toy bins.  Each 2x4 shipping label has a photo of the toy and the name of the toy or collection that's in each bin.  Hopefully this simplifies clean up time when we have friends over or when mom isn't around to supervise clean-up.  Also, Owen is actually playing with his toys again now that all of the pieces are together in one spot and not scattered all over the house.  So far, so good!  Finally, it's a pleasure for me to walk into his room, or into our family room, and not see toys EVERYWHERE.  Ahhhh... A small piece of visual chaos tamed.  

Garage sales are over in Minnesota for the long, cold, winter.  However, a friend and I hit my local thrift store recently and I found this sunny chenille bedspread for the foot of my bed.  LOVE IT!  It's one of those items that makes me happy each time I see it, AND, it serves the purpose of giving our little terrier a place to lay when dad decides she gets to sleep with us instead of in her kennel.  Any good finds in your neck of the woods lately?

I hope this compact little post finds your day filled with fun and adventure (even if it just consists of running the necessary errands, he, he, he.)  We are off to start our day! ~J.

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Trace said...

I'd love your idea to make labels for each bin with a picture of what goes inside! What a fabulous idea for the "visual chaos" that thrives in our house as well! Batman and Robin toys...prepare to be tamed! ;) Thanks Joy!