Thursday, September 9, 2010

Friendly Fall

Good day!  I've been away but you've been on my mind, lovely blog and blog readers.  There is a brisk chill in the air which goes beautifully with my late morning coffee.  It's a welcome relief from the hot, HUMID summer we've experienced (or perhaps, endured, if you're speaking to my plants.)  I think most of America immediately pictures snow, ice, and frost when they hear the word MINNESOTA.  True, true, that is our wonderland a good piece of the year.  However, we are the land of extremes and have a fair share of 90+ degree (farenheit) days with extreme humidity.  Although, between the two seasons of extremes comes a bursting spring and a calming fall.  It's most excellent.

Friendly fall means the neighborhood is quiet once again as the kids have headed back to school.  The temperatures have cooled down to 50's at night and upper 60's to low 70's during the day.  The sun often shines on these crisp days and wearing a sweatshirt and a favorite pair of jeans is a special treat all of a sudden.  The changing seasons is a friendly rhythm to our life and a gentle reminder that life is a journey - always moving and changing.  It's sadly missed by many a Minnesotan who venture out of our state, usually for warmer weather.  As with all changes, each new season brings positives and negatives and the range of emotions that accompany such things.  Today I am rejoicing in a slower pace and not feeling the pressure to pack it all in as I often do during the summer since warm weather is fleeting.  Alternately, I am also mourning the loss of daylight as our days are already getting shorter, and the inevitable cold that I know is only weeks away.  Such is life - two sides to every coin.

As the season changes my focus is shifting away from gardening, although I have a couple of lingering plants I'll stick in the ground with hopes they make it to spring.  Coming back into light are my crafty urges.  With a gentle nudge from a dear friend who recently got her Etsy shop"Geen Green Turtle Photography", up and running, I have finally listed some items in my Etsy shop"Sprinkle of Joy"!  It's exciting to share a few of my vintage finds and some of my fun little handmade accessories.  It's most interesting to see how many people are interested enough in your creation to pause and take a closer look.  It's exciting to think that my little babies might be loved by someone else - even loved enough to be worn, nay, proudly displayed by another.  Ah, the small pleasures in life.  When you get a minute and feel like doing some surfing, or shopping, check out Etsy and all of the wonderful handmade items displayed there.  It's amazing what creativity there is, and what fun flows from other people's hearts and hands.  Perhaps you'll even venture to open a shop of your own!  Or - if you are already one of the marvelous sellers on Etsy, we'd love to know where to find you.  Please post your shop in the comments.  Cheers!  ~J

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