Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fork In The Road - a GREAT place to be

And under the heading of "sharing the things I love..."   Today's post is a plug for some friends who have followed their dream (yessss) and started a small business centered around their love (and mine) - FOOD!!  The bright orange Fork In The Road truck can be found daily all over the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area serving up their delicious eats over the lunch hour at local businesses and in the streets (literally!)  They also cruise the region, supplying delish dishes at fairs, festivals, and sporting events.  Check them out, and where they're serving next, on their facebook page or via Twitter (forkNroadtruck.)

If you've never eaten at a lunch truck, but always though it would be a fun, funky experience, you have a good reason to hunt them down!  An even better reason is this...Summer Salad with red bell pepper, red onion, cashews, and sweet poppy seed vinaigrette - add chicken if you choose.
Congratulations to Kari and Amy on the launch of this fantastically yummy new venture!


Anonymous said...

man, that is sooo cool ! Johnny on the spot with healthy food, colorful and yummy looking !! Hats off to their new adventure.
Thanks for sharing sweetie.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this! That's a total dream of mine.

karen aka mamalooma! : )