Friday, June 4, 2010

June already?! Here's a quick update...

Where, oh where, did May go?!  And further more, I seem to have misplaced the beginning of June.  Oh well, here I am!! 

Of course I've/we've been busy as ever (hence the seemingly lost time.)  I celebrated a birthday, celebrated the end of a lovely loved-one's life, bid farewell to my 9-5 job of the past 7 years and all of the friends there whom I will deeply miss, went to Boston to train for one of my new "quasi-jobs", visited family out of state and squeezed in some felted wool crafting while there.  Side note: my mother-in-law makes the most lovely recycled wool mittens and my sister-in-law makes gorgeous matching scarves, so I took some scraps and made embellishments!  FUN STUFF!

Next, we welcomed summer by spending Memorial Day weekend on 2 different MN lakes in 2 days, visiting even more family, hit numerous garage sales and brought home even more new treasures (see desk pic with CUTE ceramic dogs!)  Both fit perfectly and were garage sale scores!   

Sprinkle in a few wonderful summer play dates, a bit of gardening, some breezy bike rides and walks, and you've almost got it.  In short, some days I feel like I've just thrown a rope around this big, giant, horse-of-a-life and yelled, "let her buck" at the top of my lungs!!  You know I love it and wouldn't have it any other way, don't you?  How's THAT for a descriptive of the past month?  Woo-hoo!!

Coming up I'll share some pics of the seasonal decor change in my main bath that's underway, and some pics of the wonderful thrifted fabric I've found at both stores and garage sales of late.  Right now though, I have a list of 20 fun (and not-so-fun) things to tackle and I'm excited to see how far I get. 
1. Blog entry written, CHECK!!

What's up next on your list for the weekend - or SUMMER in general?!  Please, share with us.  I'd love to hear.  xoxo ~J


Anonymous said...

Oh, zest for life is contagious ! thanks for pumping me up with possibilities for the day.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joy! Karen from mamalooma here!

Summer list:
* more sewing! at least another set of napkins!
* canning projects
* maybe get some shop shelves for basement food storage
* hit some garage sales! I never have cash on me on Fridays for some reason so I hsve not been going much! : ( Finn needs clothes bad! Ha!